Ovamba – www.ovamba.com

Ovamba is a platform that connects micro, small and medium sized (“MSMEs”) businesses in Cameroon with the short-term capital, logistics services and inventory management solutions needed to drive business growth and empower entrepreneurs.

The platform has achieved significant expansion of funding via a relationship with Crowdcredit, a speciality Japanese lender, providing alternative investment solutions to Japanese Mass affluent investors. The company has also successfully secured follow on equity investment from a blend of previous investors and Courtyard Capital, a specialist FinTech investor in working capital.

Ovamba has been recognised as an innovative FinTech platform by Innovative Finance for a unique Sharia Compliant investment and risk mitigation model. It is also a previous winner of ‘Best FinTech in Africa’ in the Lending and Financing Category at the inaugural FinTech Africa competition in 2016 which saw 1100 entries from all 54 African countries.