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Proplend Guest Blog: Why the Loan Tranche Model works for P2P Lending

In our occasional series of guest blogs from our investee platforms, here’s a blog from Proplend:   Peer-to-Peer lending has undoubtedly revolutionised the traditional banking and lending industries. Led by the adoption of new technology and with the ability to draw and process information quickly it has left the traditional finance sector napping. At Proplend, […]

Report: The Case for Raising SME Awareness of Alternative Finance

£20bn lost to UK economy through SME lack of alternative finance awareness New report published today highlights economic cost of lack of alternative finance awareness Ahead of the Autumn Statement, industry stakeholders call for Government to address concentration risk in credit ecosystem to enable SME growth Chancellor’s Northern Powerhouse at risk as SMEs in North […]

The case for raising SME awareness of alternative finance – Bibliography

Albion Growth Report, Problems of Success, 2015 Aviva, What’s the alternative? SMEs miss out on new funding options, 3 September 2014 Baeck, P., Collins, L., Zhang, B., Understanding Alternative Finance, The UK Alternative Finance Industry Report 2014, 7 November 2014 Baldwin H. MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Speech, On the EC’s action plan for […]

4 lessons from TrustBuddy

It’s never a good day when a business goes under, and it was sad to read yesterday that, after its suspension of it rights issue a few days ago, that TrustBuddy had filed for bankruptcy. Yes, it’s a dog eat dog world out there but in a sudden failure such as this good people lose […]

United we stand, divided we fall

David Stevenson yesterday published an article calling for the industry to step forward and address the concerns hovering around the alternative finance industry, and I couldn’t agree more, although in some areas I would go further. Firstly, I wholeheartedly support David’s call for everyone in the sector to get the message out that there are […]

Co-mingling in finance is never a good thing

As the alternative finance industry grows, and becomes responsible for more and more sizeable amounts of investor monies, it needs to avoid some of the pitfalls that can bring down finance businesses. One of the classic problems in a lightly regulated finance sector, as the alternative finance sector is currently, is the co-mingling of investor […]

Louise Beaumont: Four thoughts on peer-to-peer sector facing shakeout as regulation bites

Anna Irrera’s article in today’s Financial News ( got me thinking: How is the industry coping with the FCA application process? The relative immaturity of the industry compared to many other areas of the financial services sector means it is unsurprising that it is reacting to the increase in regulation with mixed ability. For the […]