GLI Finance delight as FundingKnight granted full FCA Authorisation


GLI Finance delight as FundingKnight granted full FCA Authorisation

A milestone in the Group’s ambitious growth plans


GLI Finance (GLI) have today announced that their specialist peer to peer/marketplace lender – FundingKnight has been granted full Authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The business has been operating under interim permissions since 2014, when the FCA commenced the process of regulating the peer-to-peer industry.


Gaining this authorisation is an important milestone for GLI’s ambitious plans. They embarked on a series of strategic initiatives last year, which saw them restructure and organize their portfolio of businesses. The Sancus BMS Group of companies was formed to focus on delivering fast and flexible financing solutions to clients whilst ensuring robust and diligent risk management to both funders and clients.


As Andrew Whelan, CEO of GLI Finance explains: “We are committed to providing funding to the underserved small and medium sized business population and their owners. It is our intention to move FundingKnight into the Sancus BMS Group of companies operating alongside Sancus Finance, our specialist working capital finance provider. We will also change the name of FundingKnight to incorporate it into the wider Group.”


Sancus BMS has seen consistent growth, having provided more than £570m of funding to SMEs and entrepreneurs and with authorisation gained in the key UK market, the business is now focused on increasing this over the coming years”.

As Caroline Langron, managing director of Sancus in the UK explains, “We are delighted to have secured FCA Authorisation which demonstrates that we employ robust procedures and processes to ensure we protect both our funders and clients. The SME sector requires certainty of funding at what is a volatile time in the economy. It is essential that funders can place their cash safely with Sancus, producing attractive returns that cannot be achieved in the current low-interest bank environment”.

The addition of property finance expands Sancus’ portfolio of financial solutions for both funders and clients. The company currently offers supply chain finance and invoice funding which ensure faster payment to a business’ suppliers, a specialist financial solution for Educational Institutions and a Vendor Partner Programme to support the purchasing capability of business customers.


Caroline concludes: “It’s an exciting time for both businesses as we work more closely to satisfy our clients’ funding requirements with plans to strengthen our offering to both clients and funders. FCA regulation benefits all parties in the alternative finance sector, including businesses and consumers, ensuring financial markets work fairly and effectively, encouraging a growing economy.”